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"Dr. Lebovic has been my wife and my Podiatrist for a year and we find him to be very interested in helping us with our foot problems. In January of this year he performed foot surgery on me. The surgery and my part to the recovery were very well explained. After the surgery following Dr. Lebovic’s detailed instructions I had very little discomfort, needless to say that under his excellent care the surgery went very well. I recommend him to anyone I know that has foot problems. Dr. Lebovic and his office staff are very helpful, courteous and compassionate and I thank them and appreciate being a patient."

- John G. S.

"I write to thank you for your continuing care through the years, and particularly through the recent months. I have always appreciated your calm and pleasant manner and your willingness to take the time to give thorough answers to all of my questions. It is also a pleasure to deal with your friendly and helpful staff.

I anticipate getting “back on my feet” and into the swing of my normal daily routine after the surgery you performed on each of my feet. I am especially grateful for your diligence in treating the infection that occurred on my left foot.

Thank you and your staff for your kindness and care."

- James H.

"I am an 82 year old woman with a beautiful right foot. Not so, several months ago. My second toe was crossed to the left over my big toe and I had a large painful bunion. I was told by the surgeon it was major surgery and he did not do cosmetic surgery, but would amputate the second toe. That left me with the big toe leaning to the right over the third toe. I knew I had to find the right surgeon this time. Thank God Dr. Lebovic was recommended. I was apprehensive and anxious on my first visit with Dr. Lebovic because of the first surgeon and the unknown. Dr. Lebovic explained everything in detail and answered all my questions which relieved my anxiety (half my problem, and the other half was that I did not need pain medication).

I can only hope that anyone needing foot surgery see Dr. Lebovic first. Don’t make my mistake and go through it twice. My sister had a similar problem and had the same excellent results with Dr. Lebovic. The atmosphere created by Dr. Lebovic and his staff is warm and welcoming for his patients. God Bless."

- Nell

"Dr. Lebovic is one of the best podiatric doctors I have ever met. He is direct with his patients and lets you know exactly what is entailed for any procedure. It helps the patient make the best decision for him/her. I had corrective surgery for hammer toes and for a taylor bunion, my main concern was scarring. It has been about 4 months and the scars are healing fine and some of the scars are not visible. Dr. Lebovic does not pressure his patients into making hasty decisions. He is willing to work with you and help you every step of the way."

- Lorie J.

"Surgery for Bunions and Hammertoes successfully reduce malformations and pain – after a while. It takes at least 6 weeks to achieve nearly normal mobility. This is clearly explained to the patient well before surgery. Dr. Lebovic does a fine job of using your x-rays and patiently, professionally answering all questions and concerns.

The day of surgery is less stressful since so much detail is covered by Doctor L and his office professionals well before that day. These professionals are a phone call away if the need arises.

After care is as compassionate and well done as care before surgery.

Recovery is slow – the decision to use Dr. Richard Lebovic/Accent on Feet is immediate."

- M. B. K.

"I feel the need to shout praises for Doctor Richard I. Lebovic. Before I located Dr. Lebovic, I had a foot condition for many years. Dr. Lebovic treated my condition and now I am totally pain free. While being treated, Dr. Lebovic explained exactly what I should expect every step of the way…and he was right on. This doctor answered my prayers because it feels wonderful to be pain free.

I found Dr. Richard I. Lebovic to be extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and the epitome of professionalism."

- Ann P.

"From the time I stepped into Dr. Lebovic’s office and was greeted by his staff, I felt that I arrived at the right place. Dr. L. is a great listener who understood my foot concerns. His gentle touch eased my fears. When surgery was needed, seven pins and one ankle screw were performed. Dr. L. followed up with calls at home plus one house visit (due to bad weather). That was very much appreciated. His office staff took care of the insurance forms and my work requests. Today, two years later, I can still walk without pain. I thank Dr. L and his staff for being so professional and so compassionate."

- Mary Ann B.

"Office staff pleasant and courteous Insurance info top notch Doctor is knowledgeable and compassionate I have recommended doctor to others."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Lebovic has been my doctor for over 10 years and I see him often because I have diabetes. I have had corrective surgery twice on my right foot (for bunion repair and three hammer toes). Dr Lebovic took great care and follow up to make sure I did not develop any problem with infection. I was somewhat hesitant to have the second surgery because of pain, but the second surgery was even less painful. Not only is Dr. Lebovic a wonderful doctor; so is his staff."

- Gloria D.

"I've been a patient of the doctor for the past few months. Diagnosed with a spur on my right heel. Dr. Lebovic told me what exercises to do to help alleviate the pain. After following his instructions, I am now pain free and intend to continue the exercises. I would recommend him highly to family and friends. Very professional and his office staff are wonderful."

- Vickie D.

"Dr. Lebovic does a wonderful job. I finally decided to take care of the bunion I had for many years. I was scared to death but went for the plunge. I must say I am doing very well. I'm back to my regular exercise routines. Dr. Lebovic is very methodical in his practice. I have a lot of confidence in his work. He tells you what to do and you must do it. I think most people are not satisfied with the results of their foot operations because they don't listen to their Dr's. advice."

- Gloria L.

"This is the second surgery I had with Dr. Lebovic and very happy with the results both times. He is very professional and caring in his dealings with the patient. He is thorough in explaining what the procedure will be and takes whatever time you need for questions or concerns regarding the surgery and post-operation, I would highly recommend Dr. Richard Lebovic as well as his very courteous and friendly staff."

- Gloria S.

"I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis - after cortisone shots failed to help with the pain - Dr. suggested we do Nerve Ablation (RFNA). It took a while for the pain to totally subside and for me to walk with ease. But the treatment has been successful and I've been pain free for almost a year now. I regularly visit Dr. Lebovic so my condition doesn't relapse."

- N. K.

"Dr. Lebovic is the first podiatrist I have ever had to see before and I assure you he will be the last one you'll ever need to see. He does remarkable work and I must say, his procedures are pain free! I came to him a couple years ago because I had a wart on my foot. It was my first time ever getting one so I went to him for treatment. Every week he would shave it down until it was time for the laser removal. It was a quick operation. It wasn't messy at all and I didn't feel a thing!!"

- Gabriel B.

"Doctor and staff were friendly and helpful. Dr. Lebovic was easy to talk with and very informative, and answered all my questions. He also went above and beyond in helping me navigate the insurance company barriers. He kept trying to find a good solution until he found one that has consistently helped me. I am very grateful for all his support."

- Sallie G.

"Amazing, pain free service and very courteous."

- Alex T.

"Dr. Lebovic is one of the best doctors anyone can ask for. I have lost my faith in doctors. most have not become doctors to heal people. It has become a big business to most. I visited with other podiatrists before with regard to painful heels on both my left and right foot.My visits mostly included expensive painful injections to both heels with temporary relief. After 4 years and hundreds of dollars id had enough! I made my appointment with doctor lebovic and he determined orthotics were needed. He was honest and very knowledgeable about the cause of my problem. I purchased them and wear them as I was instructed too. I am absolutely pain free now.i am in the business of installing major appliances. My day at work does not seem so agonizing now.Thank goodness I went to see him. I would recommend him for any foot problem big or small. I promise you will not find a better or caring doctor."

- Peter T.

"It is always a pleasure seeing Dr. Lebovic, and his staff. He is knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly. My ladies are wonderfully polite, kind, and attentive. A REAL PLEASURE!"

- Adriana T.

"I have been a patient of Dr Lebovic for at least 15 to 20 years. Back in 2015, I was having a lot of pain that pills , creams, and shots had no effect on. It was determined that a procedure "radio frequency nerve ablation" was the best solution to my foot pain. Dr Lebovic did the procedure, and I have had no problems with my foot since. I have recommended Dr. Lebovic to many people, and will continue to do so in the future."

- Bonnie K.

"Dr. Lebovic is a great doctor! He has been treating my daughter for a wart that she has on her foot, which isn't very easy to do and we have seen great improvement! Dr. Lebovic is very friendly and straight to the point he definitely knows what he is doing. I would recommend anyone needing proper foot care to go and see him."

- Celina R.

"Dr. Richard and his staff, Alana and Loretta, made the whole experience of going to a Foot doctor actually pleasant. I went for what I thought was plantar fasciitis. It was instead diagnosed as a bone spur. Dr. Lebovic identified my need for ortotic inserts into my shoes to correct a pronantion problem that has developed. Each visit was used to relieve my severe pain that I was experiencing. Alana and Loretta helped to make it even better by being npot only professional but personable. Thank you all for your great service!"

- Jim M.

"I've been going to Dr. Lebovic for over 20 years. My foot problems included ingrown toenails, heel spurs, and foot pain. I was also fitted for custom foot orthotics. All of these issues were cured and corrected by Dr. Lebovic with pain free treatment and quick recovery time because of his superior skill and podiatric knowledge. Each procedure was explained to me with precise detail and what I was to expect during recovery. Look no further if you need a podiatrist. Dr. Lebovic is the one to contact. He is a great doctor and person, who has a true interest in his patients. Dr. Lebovic's office staff is courteous, professional and compassionate. They have very good knowledge of insurance plans and coverage. I thank Dr. Lebovic and his staff for the care and treatment they have and continue to give me."

- Amelia W.

"Hi my name is Gary T. I went to this office for first time on 4/5/2017 for in-grown toe nails. Dr. Lebovic was excellent! He and the staff were professional & caring. He identified my problem right away and was very informative and sensitive to my needs. He administered delicate & pain free treatment on the spot. This office made my first time experience going to a foot doctor worth the visit. I would not go anywhere else if I needed treatment in the future. Office was clean & sanitary, totally spotless. Overall GREAT EXPERIENCE! Highly Recommend! Top Quality Service! Great Doctor & Staff! 100% MultiStar Rating!"

- Gary T.

"If your looking for a foot dr...look no further! Starting at the desk when you come in Alana made me feel so comfortable! Dr Lebovic is great and very gentle and I felt he really listened when I told him I was afraid of needles cause he used a thin one and Alana even came in and held my hand....they are very caring! Just go you won't be disappointed!"

- Linda R.

"Dr. Lebovic will help you put your best foot forward everyday!

I work in a profession that has me on my feet and running around most of the day. Toe pain was really cramping my style. Choosing Dr. Lebovic was the right call. X-rays, taken right in the office, revealed the source of my pain. Dr. Lebovic performed surgery to replace my big toe joint and relieve a hammer toe. I received excellent care before, during, and after my procedures. Happy days are here again as I am back on my feet and pain-free!Dr. Lebovic is very knowledgeable with a calm and caring manner. Alana and Loretta are friendly and helpful on the telephone and at every office visit. I am delighted to stand up and be counted as a highly satisfied patient of Dr. Lebovic at Accent on Feet."

- Laura H.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Lebovic for a few years now and I must say he is a great Doctor!!! His bedside manners are excellent, and he definitely knows what he is doing!! You can tell that he has many years of experience behind him. His office staff are all very professional and always greet you with a smile and a how are you today?"

- Beatriz C.

"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Lebovic and his staff. I had an ingrown toenail and was very apprehensive about getting it looked at for fear of it being removed. Well, after X-rays and an exam, Dr. Lebovic told me he had to do a partial removal. I was so nervous but Ilona stayed with me and even held my hand as Dr. Lebovic gave me shots to numb the area. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes and I didn't feel anything after it was numb. They were very kind and caring which goes a long way in my book!"

- Michele M.

"After suffering with foot pain for 3 years, and after visiting 2 NY podiatrists and an orthopedic surgeon, all of whom took x-rays, plus an MRI, only Dr. Richard Lebovic was able to find the cause of the pain and alleviate it almost instantly with steroid injections. I can walk pain free for the first time in over 3 years! I give Dr. Lebovic and his staff an excellent A+ rating."

- Anonymous

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